The Board of CoderDojo Ireland are delighted to announce that Barbara Hegarty has commenced work as CoderDojo Ireland National Co-ordinator, a position created with funding from Science Foundation Ireland.

Barbara will help grow CoderDojo in Ireland by supporting existing Dojos, helping to set up new Dojos, and developing corporate partnerships.

Additionally, she will organise regular regional Mentor meet-ups and support the volunteers co-ordinating MegaDojos in Ireland. aims to introduce 1024 kids to code in one location as part of a series of annual community-led events, with 7+ events planned for later in 2018.

Liaising and collaborating with CoderDojo Foundation, the global arm of CoderDojo, Barbara will implement a plan to further develop and support the CoderDojo Community in Ireland.

Barbara has been a Mentor at [email protected], Cork, since 2013. With vast experience in IT, software development and technology support, she is well placed to assist CoderDojo Ireland in achieving our objective of “Using code to light a spark, empowering the next generation of creators”.



7 thoughts to “New CoderDojo Ireland National Co-ordinator to help bring coding to thousands more Irish kids

  • Anne Ltnch

    Is there any possibility of obtaining from you a name if a coder who could help my nephew – aged in his 20’s who is doing a course but encountering difficulty with coding which he is doing for the first time. Based in Dublin he will obviously pay for such help. Have heard very complimentary comments about your organization and would really appreciate your advice. Thank you. Anne Lynch

  • Siobhan O'Doherty

    Hi, do you have any club in Clonmel or within a ten mile radius? My son is aged 10yrs and he would love to do this. I did contact a group on facebook in Clonmel but I got no reply and I have heard that there is no longer a group in Clonmel. Thanks, Siobhan.

    • Eugene McDonough

      Sorry, we do not curently have a group running in that area.

  • Caz Maher


    Do you run any Dojos on Dundalk? Or anywhere in Louth?
    My son has completed a coding course in CTYI in DCU.


    • Heber Rowan

      Hi Caz,
      Yes we run dojos Dundalk! If you have any further questions please get in touch via our contact page 🙂

  • Maggie

    Do you have a group in Naas area? My daughter dream about learning programming. Thank You

    • Sandra Maguire

      Hi Maggie,
      Indeed there are a couple of Dojos near you; not sure if they have spaces or not but you might be lucky! Sallins & Naas run on Wednesday evenings; try emailing [email protected] Also Naas @ Create I.T. Hub, YIC runs on Tuesday afternoons, contact [email protected] and if you have no luck with those two, maybe [email protected] CoderDojo (at Hewlett Packard, Leixlip) wouldn’t be too far for you, they run on Saturday afternoons, contact email is [email protected] Hope it works out for you! Best regards, Sandra


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