Your Dojo may be in receipt of donations and you would rather no-one has to be responsible for holding cash. Or your Dojo may wish to apply for a grant from the local Council. In such situations, you probably need a “bank” account where you can pass on BIC & IBAN details.

CoderDojo Dún Laoghaire has recently gone through the process of setting up a Group Account with the local Credit Union. 

The main benefit of using the Credit Union is that aside from an €11 setup charge*, there are no fees, unlike normal bank accounts; also it allows you to have an IBAN number where grants or donations can be transferred into the account.

* This is the case with CORE Credit Union, others may vary.

The downside is that a Group Account cannot be accessed online by the account holders, so transfers/withdrawals have to be made in person, with two signatories in attendance at the same time.

Having gone through the process, CoderDojo Dún Laoghaire would recommend the following steps:

1.      Set up a committee with Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer.

2.      Devise a Constitution (you can adapt sample template linked here).

3.      Have a brief AGM with your proposed Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and your Mentors. Record the minutes (click here for a blank template).

4.      Download the Group Account application forms from your Credit Union website (or call in to collect them). You can find your local Credit Union via this link.

5.      Go to the Credit Union and ask to set up a Group Account. (Ideally the 3 signatories should go together; in any case, the Credit Union will probably want to see at least 2 people together).

6.      Make sure you note in your diary when to have your next AGM!

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